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American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Women In Nuclear (WIN)

Pink Petro

Small Business Association – Minority Woman Owned Small Business


SC Department of Transportation – Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE)

South Carolina – Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB)


Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering

Masters in Business Administration

Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence

RedX Problem Solver – Shainin Method (Journeyman)

Root Cause & Apparent Cause Analysis

Blackbelt- Six Sigma

ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 Lead Auditor


Project: Defect in door panels observed at assembly facility

Problem: Slits were formed in the window frame of door panels during transport to the assembly facility.

Resolution: Through statistical analysis (Shainin method) it was found the elongation value of the metal was within range but on the low end.  As a result minor slits or defects were formed n the window frame.  The resulting slits found at the assembly facility went undetected at the assembly facility.  As a result the elongation value became a key performance indicator (KPI) for incoming material.  New control limits were established for the material that allowed the material to be processed with satisfactory and consistent results (stable process).

Financial: Due to the elongation value the purchaser was credited $500,000 in scrap material.  Not counting the loss in downtime at the manufacturing and assembly plant.

Project: Defect found in hood

Problem: During the process of forming the hood multiple dings were found in the hoods in random patterns.

Resolution: Through statistical analysis (Shainin method) is was found the cleaning system was not adequately recycling the water through the filtration system.  As a result fitration system allowed particles cleaned from the metal to be re-deposited on the material just prior to the parts being stamped and formed which resulted in dings created in random patterns.

Financial: Approximately $300,000 dollars was saved in the amount of rework for removing the dings.

Project: Improve production output

Problem: Improving best press performance for consistency amongst 3 shifts.

Resolution: Utilizing Lean Six Sigma and Utilizing Lean Six Sigma and Kaizens to work with internal stakeholders in improving press performance from the way orders are received, organized, material received, press layout to the packaging of finish work with internal stakeholders in improving press performance from the way orders are received, organized, material received, press layout to the packaging of finish product.

Financial: Total scrap reduced by 30%.  Order efficiency increased by 25%.  Better understanding amongst pressman of how to leave the next operator set-up for an efficient night.  The negative effect of perceived competition decreased and pressman and final operation personnel worked as a team. 

Project: Expectation of Supplier's Quality

Problem: A new division of the organization developed.  Management decided it was necessary to write one document to provide supplier’s with purchasers expectation of performance for the new division.

Resolution: The document written with the help of representative from engineering, supply chain, project management in addition to the various quality functions.  The necessary information was drawn from past experiences and lessons learned from interaction with suppliers were there was some misunderstanding of expectations.  Meetings were held to address specific questions and concerns or to discuss requested context to be added to the document.  Every potential scenario cannot be addressed however, the document provides guidance to the supplier, quality representative and the project team as to the expectations of suppliers.

Financial: Unknown, for the mass quantity of individuals and various projects utilizing the document the savings is unknown.

Project: Supplier Development

Problem: New supplier to the nuclear industry was not accustomed to the level of detail and paperwork associated.

Resolution: Continuously worked with QA Manager to develop a level of understanding the importance of safety and documentation in the nuclear industry as opposed to simply completing the work.  In nuclear the documentation and traceability is just as important as the end product, if not more.  The suppliers work was good however their documentation was incredibly lacking.  Worked with the QA Manager in improving documentation of errors, responding to non-conformances, human performance and etc.  Including how to answer questions during an audit,  how to provide information to the regulators in a timely and respective manner.

Financial: Unknown, the supplier’s interaction skills have improved.  The supplier is more apt to identify issues versus hiding or covering them up.  Which allows the purchaser to trust the supplier.  Consequently, the supplier is rewarded with more purchase orders because of the level of trust built in addition to the quality of work.

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